New Parts Bulletins

Melett Product Bulletin 594

K04 Turbine Housing, BM65B Nozzle Ring Assembly, BV40 Shaft & Wheel, TD02H2 Compressor.

Melett Product Bulletin 593

HY35W Core Assembly, BM70B Actuator.

Melett Product Bulletin 592

BV43 Core Assembly, KP39 Repair Kit, S500 Repair Kit, BV43 Bearing Housing, BV43 Shaft &am.

Melett Turbochargers Bulletin 45

TD02H2 Turbocharger.

Check out our recent MFS CHRA releases

As our CHRA range with MFS compressor wheels continues to grow, here are the latest releas.

Melett Product Bulletin 591

K03 Core Assembly, GTB1752VL Core Assembly, TA3120 Core Assembly, TA3120 Core Assembly, K0.

Melett Product Bulletin 590

GTB2056VL Actuator (REA), GTB1749VK Actuator (REA), GTA1852VK Actuator (REA), GTA1852VK Ac.

Melett Product Bulletin 589

GTD1444V Core Assembly, HY35W Core Assembly, TD04L4 Actuator, GTD1444V Bearing Housing, HY.

Melett Product Bulletin 588

B01V Core Assembly, RHF55 Core Assembly, GTB1752VK Actuator, GTB1749VK Actuator, GTB2260VZ.