Welcome to the Melett TurboHub

The TurboHub gives you access to in-depth technical information on a wide range of turbo related topics.

Covering everything from how Melett precision engineered turbo components are designed, developed and manufactured, to the intricate detail and controlled finishes of individual components and how these affect the smooth operation of the turbocharger. From common turbo failure modes to specific turbo failure examples, the TurboHub also details how actual component failure is often misdiagnosed as overspeeding, foreign object damage and so on. Providing comparisons of quality components against the lesser quality variants available in the aftermarket, the site highlights the potential issues associated with using poor quality parts and the catastrophic effects these can have on the life of a turbocharger.

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Should you have any further topics you would like us to provide technical information for, please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing department via email turbo@melett.com.